It is an essential process to obtain uniform films in terms of physical-chemical composition, dimensional stability, appearance, flatness; with the clear purpose of delivering to the customers products that allow them to efficiencies in quality and productivity in their conversion processes. These include printing for various systems such as flexography, lithography, silkscreen, digital; thermal lamination or by action of adhesives to other substrates; thermoforming, die cutting, cut in rolls, coating, heat sealing and high-frequency between the more usual.


Products for decoration, furniture finishes etc. are printed by rotogravure printing system as it enables the best quality materials in regard to the definition, repetition, colorful and finishes. By this process we have the best looking finished wood, leather and fantasies widely used in the fields of construction, furniture, household articles, etc.


Products consisting of several layers such as fabrics, film, screens etc. aimed at areas such as construction, transport and decor, are produced by this process.


Oriented to the production of self-adhesive pressure-sensitive plastic films with face as useful. This process allows the obtaining of finished rolls up to 1.50m wide, uniform in appearance, flatness and physical and chemical characteristics appropriate for optimum performance in later stages of printing, accession, cutting and stamping.


For the achievement of the goals of efficiency, productivity and quality by our customers, FILMTEX has the section of conversion whose goal is to transform large coils to rolls and sheets in the measures and presentations required by customers.