Quality Policy
In a constant effort to meet the needs of different industrial markets, FILMTEX S.A.S. has invested in its human and technological resources to become a reliable supplier, offering products with the highest standards of quality. FILMTEX S.A.S. has consolidated its work over 30 years, as a supplier of industrial raw material for all America.

Toward the inside of the company in all areas have been going through a total commitment to all our customers in delivering products with constant performance, in the time and quantity required and at a competitive price.

The strict control that is applied during all the stages of manufacture of each of the products, designed to meet the demand of domestic and international markets, it has the demands and standards of quality expected by those who finally are targeted.

We have german advice and technology for the production of transparent films and flexible technology in the Italian rigid films and for multiple applications. To achieve these purposes we have an equipped laboratory with the best technical advances, which is a guarantee of reliability in the final behavior of the vast range of products.

As a result of the efforts to establish a discipline of work in all areas, we managed in 1999 the certification ISO 9000-94. Continuing with this work methodology, in 2003 we re-certify ISO 9000-2000. As a complement to our daily work and taking the clear commitment for the environment, FILMTEX S.A.S. received in September 2006 the ISO 14000 certificate.

We have structured quality logistics aimed at, based on the pillars of the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000:

  • Selection of raw materials is necessary to obtain maximum performance from our products.
  • A friendly treatment to our suppliers, who are our strategic partners.
  • A strict control of production of our materials.
  • Link to information generated from receipt of raw material up to the shipping of products.
  • Access to production records for the traceability in composition of 100% of our materials.
  • Optimization of the production lines to meet optimum delivery times.
  • Update of processing equipment with technology state of the art.
  • Continuous improvement based of our customers feedback.
  • Research and development investments to deliver products with technological innovation and high performance.
  • Study of the processes and applications that are submitted materials.
  • Technical training investment consulting international leading Europe’s companies in film production of PVC.
  • To put discipline in our daily work to carry the necessary care to not alter our environment, it’s a commitment to the community to care for the environment, which is heritage of all.
  • Suitability of our facilities and waste management in each business process.
Service Policy
FILMTEX S.A.S. is an oriented toward marketing organization, our goal is to captivated, satisfy and retain customers. To comply with this, our reason to exist, we wholeheartedly support the following commitments:

  • To provide products of very high quality and performance.
  • To provide high quality products and maintain high performance service indexes in regard to timely delivery, just in time.
  • Availability of our entire line of products in the countries where we have a presence.
  • Support and commitment to customer support in the long term.
  • We development and design our products according to the needs of the client.

For this purpose we balanced our resources in accordance with the trends that the market and the world require, devoting our efforts toward continuous improvement in all our activities.