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Past and Present History

Past and Present History

In 1976 FILMTEX S.A.S. was established as a company dedicated to the production of PVC film through the calendering process. As an innovative company, it used the most advanced technology for their manufacture, offering support and quality assurance for your customers. For this reason FILMTEX S.A.S enjoys wide recognition in more than 20 countries, reason that compels us to a permanent improvement.

In 1986 FILMTEX S.A.S achieved a strategic alliance with PLASTIQUIMICA S.A which focuses on the production and marketing of products supported and expanded, oriented toward the leather industry, footwear, and upholstery. (www.plastiquimica.com.co)

In 1988 the grille-1 was modernized, acquiring a train of post calendaring which allows serving industrial customers with the highest standards of quality.

In 1995 due to growth in sales will purchase the second radiator grille thus doubling its capacity installed and started up the project of mixtures. In recent years we have acquired a second mill, which allows the amount of production line of sealing of geomembranes and acquires a coating line for plasticized PSA products thus continuing a strategy of giving more value added to their products.

In 2007 the cutting area of pharmaceutical packaging with the highest industry standards, in compliance with FDA and GMP regulations was modernized.

Very long term alliances have also be achieved with FILMTEX S.A.S direct representatives of all the product line in Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the United States.